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Parkway Trees

Parkway Trees

Trees make Hancock Park a park.  The area was developed a 100 years ago and the parkways were planted with a young forest of elms, sycamores and fir trees.  Now, due to drought, diseases, insects, and general old age, many of the original trees are dead or dying.  Thanks to our Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) our parkway trees are protected.  So if one dies or is missing it can be replaced by one approved by the City and the HPOZ.  

The HPHA is leading a parkway tree planting initiative which aims to have a parkway tree growing in every spot permitted by the City.  We have funds to replace lost trees, and a plan to diversify selection so if one species is endangered, others will take thrive.  As in the original design of Hancock Park, each street will have the same species planted on it with some changes in species when a street crosses a major artery.  This will retain the uniformity of look that is unique to our neighborhood.  What follows is information about how to request free replacement tree, what species is approved for your block, and how to care for the newly replanted trees.

If you are in need of a parkway tree please contact: Deborah Trainer: DebTrainer@sbcglobal.net, Susan Grossman: segrossman@sbcglobal.net, or  Deborah Trainer debtrainer@sbcglobal.net .

For more information on complete care and maintenance of your trees and the benefits they provide  - (https://www.treepeople.org/tree-benefits and https://la.curbed.com/2018/6/6/17394448/los-angeles-trees-removal-climate)   

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What kinds of trees have been selected?  


Several different varieties of trees have been selected including, Camphor, Magnolia, Chinese Elm, Jacaranda, Frontier Elm, Crepe Myrtle, Brisbane Box, Pioneer Elm and Deodar Cedar.  You can see which of these trees have been assigned to your block by referring to the attached tree chart. 

2.              Was the Hancock Park Master Tree Plan approved by the City ?

Yes. the homeowner “owns” the parkway but that the City has rights to oversee and regulate its use. Urban Forestry oversees parkway trees.   The trees to be planted have been approved by Urban Forestry and the HPOZ Board and City Planner.

3. Can I choose a different tree for the parkway of my home?  Can I plant my own trees?  Can I remove my parkway tree?

Only the tree species selected for your block can be planted. You can plant your own tree if you use a licensed arborist and crew and plant to the City’s specifications.  Homeowners are not allowed to remove existing trees without City/ HPOZ approval which requires a certified arborist’s recommendation, a report on the health of the tree, and a current photograph of the tree.  No living, healthy tree should ever be removed.

4.  Does this mean that our streets will have a variety of trees in the near future?  

Yes.  Since our plantings will be done only to replace missing trees, it may take many years to establish a consistent look for streets where a new variety has been selected.  

5.  What size trees will be planted?  

The HPHA’48 will purchase and plant, healthy beautiful, 15-gallon size trees.

7.  What are the responsibilities of the homeowner?     

a.               Water the tree and plantings in your parkway.  The first year after planting deep water the tree twice a week.  After that deep water once a week, and in the hot summer months deep water twice a week. 

b.              Inform the HPHA of death/damage/disease to any existing or newly planted trees.

c.              Inform the HPHA of any missing parkway trees.  

 d.              You can contact the Association’s Tree Committee by emailing Deborah Trainer at Debtrainer@sbcglobal.net, Susan Grossman at segrossman@sbcglobal.net Cindy Chvatal

8.  Where is the funding to upgrade and plant the trees coming from?  

The funding is coming from the Hancock Park Homeowners Association, which means from your dues and donations.  Anyone not yet a dues paying member of the HP Homeowner Association should join us!  Please visit our website at:  www.Hancockparkhomeownersassociation.org and click on Membership/Dues. Donations are always welcome and can be specified to support our reforestation efforts.  


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