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Hancock Park 
Homeowners Association 
est. 1948

Hancock Park Homeowners Association Board Members

The Hancock Park Homeowners Association est. 1948, is a non-profit organization with an 18-member volunteer board of directors. See below for the current Board members, their respective committees and contact email.  Please let us know if you are interested in joining a committee by emailing the committee chair.

The Board is focused on the following initiatives:

  • Promoting Security, Safety & Neighborhood Watch
  • Working to Repair of our Streets and Sidewalks
  • Protecting our R1 Zoning and Land Use
  • Preserving and Replanting our Parkway Tree Canopy
  • Advocating for Traffic mitigations on our Residential Streets
  • Maintaining the Highland Median Palms and Irrigation
  • Advocating for Reasonable Filming Guidelines
  • Historic Preservation neighborhood guidelines and HPOZ
  • Creating a sense of community through robust and frequent Communication 

Board Members:

  • Mark Alpers- Land Use, Environmental, GWNC
  • Martin Beck- Chair Security 
  • Cynthia Chvatal-Keane - President, Land Use, Infrastructure- Streets & Sidewalks, Trees, GWNC
  • Jen DeVore -  Secretary, Membership & Dues, GWNC, Block Captains, HPOZ
  • Nancy Dolan - Treasurer, Land Use, Block Captains
  • Greg Glasser- Traffic, Parking , Transportation
  • Susan Grossman -Vice President, Land Use, HPOZ
  • Jim Harris- Land Use Committee
  • Joel Kozberg - Environmental
  • Clif Lord- Traffic, Security
  • William Newby- Streets/Sidewalks, Highland Median 
  • Tim Paulson - Block Captains, School Liaison Third Street School
  • Debbie Alpers - Filming Liaison
  • Benny Rosenberg - School Liaison - Yavneh
  • Deborah Trainer- Parkway Trees
  • Jon Vein-  Security 
  • James Wolf - Land Use

Address: 137 North Larchmont Boulevard # 719, Los Angeles, CA 90004

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