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June 2023 Column

22 Jun 2023 2:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


If you are one of the many dozens of residents who are tired of the loud noise, clouds of dust and smelly fumes generated by gas-powered leaf blowers -a single gas leaf blower can generate the same amount of pollution in one hour as a car being driven over 1000 miles - the HPHOA has a deal for you!   

Starting in January 2024, both homeowners and their gardeners may be fined up to $250 per violation for using gas powered leaf blowers! The great news - the cost of electric powered blowers is extremely reasonable, so why take the chance of a fine? Our research on what is available told us you can purchase a kit which includes a powerful electric blower, battery, and power charger for about $250. The cost will be even less if Hancock Park neighbors with the same gardeners share the costs of the equipment. These battery powered blowers (with accessories) are available from Amazon, Ace Hardware, and a number of other websites that sell power equipment.



To help encourage our Hancock Park residents to purchase a battery powered leaf blower, battery, and charger for their gardener to use on their property, we will help share the cost! The HPHOA is offering a $100.00 rebate to our residents when they show proof of purchase!

Contact Mark Alpers mdalpers@aol.com

Cindy Chvatal-Keane snorekel@gmail.com or Joel Kozberg jkozberg@kozberglaw.com for more information.

            Hope you will take us up on the offer! 

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