Safety & Security

Hancock Park is a beautiful oasis in the middle of a very large city, and as a neighborhood we need to stay alert.

Report all incidents - LAPD resources are allocated based on incidents that are reported.  In the event of an emergency you should call 911. Always notify our Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Dave Cordova-  cell phone at 213-793-0650  email: . You should also notify the Wilshire Station front desk at 213-473-0476 and the Wilshire Station at 213-922-8222.
Remember to list the time and date of the incident and any significant descriptions.

Contact your Private Security Company:

SSA Security Group, Inc. and ADT/Bel Air Patrol are two private security companies currently providing service to Hancock Park residents.  Private security companies provide service to Hancock Park residents who are their patrol and/or home security system customers.

Information about SSA Security Group, Inc. , which the HPHA’48 endorses, can be obtained at 818-773-5600 or Emails can be sent directly to

Information about ADT/Bel Air Patrol can be obtained at 888-335-7912 or

Participate – find out who your block captain is and offer to help them. Get to know your neighbors. Don’t be afraid to question suspicious looking behavior. In other words, get involved!  You can also improve your personal safety dramatically simply by doing the following:

Make your own home safer – studies have shown that weak locks, poor lighting and overgrown bushes and trees significantly contribute to the possibility of crime occurring. So fix those locks, cut back those hedges, install the motion sensitive light over the garage.  Residents are asked to report any incident in their area to the HPHOA’48 at so that this information can be circulated to the block captain network. We also copy the LAPD and the Council Office. In this way the neighborhood is kept informed and a record is generated.

Hancock Park is under the jurisdiction of the, LAPD Wilshire Community Police Station, located at:

4861 West Venice Boulevard (one block east of La Brea)
Los Angeles, CA 90019
213-473-0476       or

EPolicing –